Sunday, 5 October 2014

Standard Alarm Security for Home and Office Security

Alert Pal GSM Camera is a wireless alarm device that, when a a motion sensor is detected (eg. when an intruder enters a house or office), sends SMS notification and MMS with photos of the Intruder directly to your mobile. The immediate notification about the problem means that you can react immediately to minimise any losses by calling the Police, your neighbours or the Security Company. There will be an added benefit that the intruders may be caught on the property and there will be photo evidence for later prosecution.

If you do not have an alarm system in your home or office, Alert Pal can substitute it and, if motion is detected by the Motion Detection Camera, then it immediately sends you Alarm SMS with the information and MMS with images.

The Alert Pal GSM Camera can also supplement existing Home Security or Office Security Alarm systems that often cause false alarms and cause unnecessary anxiety. Thanks to Alert Pal, you do not have to worry any more about false alarms because if someone actually broke into your home. the device will send you a MMS with a photo. If it was a false alarm, you will NOT get an SMS notification and you can be confident about the safety of your home and possessions.

Alert Pal does not require internet connection but only a cheap pre-paid SIM card. Its programming and operating are very simple - using SMS and so installation only takes 10 minutes maximum.


CCTV systems can be very costly and are often used to review footage after an event has taken place, with this GSM camera (wireless alarm) you get instant notifications straight to your mobile with images the moment an intruder enters your property. Alert Pal is the perfect low cost solution for property security.

Unlike conventional CCTV systems this GSM Camera (wireless alarm) is a totally portable solution so it can be used for home alarm security, holiday home security, shed security, office security or warehouse security. Alert Pal can monitor any area.

Alert Pal has a built in PIR / motion detection sensor, so as soon as this sensor has been triggered, the GSM Camera (wireless alarm) automatically sends a SMS straight to your phone followed by 5 images by MMS.

Alert Pal is a GSM Camera (wireless security alarm system) that is totally portable and can be positioned anywhere.

Main features:

  • A complete security solution in one box
  • A GSM camera (wirelsss alarm)
  • Instant Alerts to your mobile by SMS followed by 5 images
  • Complete security 24/7. 365 days a year
  • Less than 10 minutes set up time
  • Works with any mobile phone, old or new
  • No installation required, just put the camera on the stand anywhere
  • No broadband or WIFI required, just a PAYG SIM Card
  • One Master User and up to 10 Additonal
  • Use Alert Pal anywhere in the World
  • Call the GSM Camera to hear live audio where the camera is located
  • SMS sent when the power to the camera is lost/restored
  • Arm/Disarm the Camera with the remote controls or just a text
  • Get images to an email address as well as to your mobile
  • Set the Camera to arm at a present time, for example, arm at 9:00 am and disarm at 5:00 pm Monday-Friday
  • Set the Camera to automatically capture an image once or several times a day at pre-set intervals.
Box Contents
  • 1 GSM Camera (including power adapter and mount/stand)
  • 3 Remote Controls to arm / disarm the camera (clips neatly on your keys)
  • 1 Quick Start Guie
  • SIM Card NOT supplied

What can I use the Alert Pal for?
  • Security burglar alarm system when you leave your property which at minimum is triggered by a motion sensor alarm and allows you to remotely monitor your home security.
  • Holiday Home security so you know your home abroad is safe
  • Garage security to protect your car or tools etc
  • Shed security to protect your tools
  • Monitoring your warehouse after closing
  • Monitoring your office after closing
  • Instant alerts when an intruder goes near your farm machinary
  • Security protection for elderly relatives, call the camera to hear what's going on at the camera location.
  • Additonal benefits such as power loss notification (so you know when your fridge / freezer goes off!), the GSM Camera (wireless alarm ) will still work for 10-12 hours even power is lost.
  • Complete GSM Camera (wireless alarm) security solution
  • Microphone range: 6 metres
  • PIR/Motion detector range : 9 metres
  • Remote Control Range : 10 metres (direct line of sight with the camera)
  • Viewing angle: 68 degrees (Horizontal / Vertical)
  • Lithium Battery for if power is lost (10-12 hours)
  • SMS sent if power is lost / restored
  • SMS sent when battery is low
  • operating temperature: -10 degrees to +45 degrees centigrade
  • 240 v input / 5.5 v / 2A output