Thursday, 7 August 2014

GSM Remote Power Socket

GSM Remote Power Socket Multiband Technologies

GSM Remote Power Socket allows you to remotely control operations of other devices using a GSM Remote Control Switch. Just insert it into an electrical outlet, then insert a plug of a device (such as e.g. air conditioner, electric heater, router) into the GSM Remote Power Socket and you are able now to remotely turn on and off the device just with simple SMS commands sent from your mobile phone.
GSM Remote Power Socket can also advise you within seconds via SMS Message whether power has been lost or been restored. Thanks to the earliest possible warning that there are power issues in a remote location, it is ideal for applications such as refrigeration equipment for restaurants and pharmaceutical businesses and obviously IT hardware. 

Additionally the GSM Remote Socket is equipped with a temperature sensor for monitoring temperature of any place from anywhere. Therefore, while you are away on a winter holiday, you do not need to worry that pipes in your house will freeze because when the temperature falls belvw a certain defined level,
firstly, it will send you a GSM Alarm via SMS, and secondly, you have the ability to remotely turn on your heater through this GSM Remote Switch. In a similar way in the Summer, you can enjoy a a cool home after returning from work or holiday because you are able in advance to remotely turn on your air conditioning or fan, not wasting energy or your money using latest GSM Control.

This is an eco-friendly intelligent GSM remote power switch. Unlike other solutions on the market, our wireless power switch is controlled via a simple low cost PAYG sim card so you can can choose the network provider that gives you the best network coverage in your area.

This remote GSM switch not only gives you the ability to remotely turn power on / off with a sms switch, but it can be pre-set via time/day to save energy costs when a device is not required making it very eco-friendly.

Some benefits of using GSM Remote Power Socket include:-

  • Instant notification by SMS that power has been lost / restored (for example in restaurants, food in fridges and freezers will not be wasted)
  • Remote GSM Power Control (turn power on/off) from anywhere in the World (for example switching on the garden watering system, heating or lighting when away from home
  • Remote power control (turn power on / off) when a preset temperature is reached via the the attachable temperature sensor (reducing the cost of heating)
  • Temperature monitoring above or below set temperature SMS alert,
  • Automatic remote power control (turn power on / off) using pre-set times using the built in daily / weekly clock.
  • Remote reboot command for router and systems reducing travelling time and fuel costs
  • Power off/cold SMS GSM alarm for repossess vacant houses and for houses as part of reduced insurance premium
  • Supports up to 5 users (one Master and 4 additional users)
  • Use an PAYG SIM card
  • Simple quick set up with SMS commands for Remote Switching on / off.

Additional information on GSM Remote Power Socket:
  • Up to 16A and 3kW
  • Supplied with a plug in temperature sensor
  • Manual on/off button (M button)
  • operating temperature :- 10 to +50 degrees centigrade

The  wireless remote power controller can tell you within seconds whether power has been lost via an SMS message giving you the earliest possible warning that there are power issues in a remote location, it is ideal for specific applications such as refrigeration equipment for restaurant/pharmaceutical businesses and obviously IT hardware or monitor temperature which can be mission critical.  This remote power switch can operate up to 16Amps and 3Kw making it ideal for many PC and Server applications.