Tuesday, 22 July 2014

SmartOne Satellite Modem

Multiband Technologies SW offers affordable solutions that utilize the smartest devices and lowest cost GPS tracking and reporting services for your stationary and mobile assets.

  Protect your assets 24x7x365
  Accelerate recovery of missing assets
  On demand secured web-based asset tracking
  Seamless Globalstar Simplex Data Service, GPS, & RF
  Cost sensitive one-way communication transmission
  Major fault monitoring catches problems before they happen
  Monitor engine runtime with interval and accumulation reports
  Affordable 'attach & track' SMARTONE GPS device

Multiband Technologies SW's service is flexible and tailored to meet your specific tracking and reporting needs.

Multiband Technologies SW's cost sensitive one-way communication offers bulk plans with estimated monthly messages.

The low-cost of ownership makes the SMARTONE device a practical solution for engine runtime reporting, major fault monitoring and theft protection for construction equipment.

Each SMARTONE can be custom configured to track an asset's specific needs and provide intermediate and emergency alerts with our Multiband Technologies SW's service by email and/ or text/cellular.

SMARTONE Features Engine Runtime Monitoring
• Interval Reporting - schedule runtime messages to be sent at customizable time intervals
• Accumulation Reporting - schedule runtime messages to be sent after a defined number of operation hours
Major Fault Monitoring
• Ability to send an alarm message with GPS coordinates if a Major Fault occurs on the asset (Ex: Low Fuel, Oil
Pressure, etc.)
Location Reports
Our low-cost, high-value solution offers a complete asset management system
 Theft Recovery Mode
• Theft recovery reporting based on distance moved
• Configure authorized area of operation
Sensor Options
• Internal vibration sensor for runtime and motion
• External input cable for fault & runtime monitoring

Please contact simon.weiner@mtsw.eu for more information.