Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Keeping an Eye on Your Loved Ones - Alert Pal #MultibandTechno

I had a an inquiry from a customer about how she could use the Alert Pal to keep an eye on her old and infirm Aunt. She lived far away from her Aunt and visited her infrequently. Of course the Aunt didn't have access to the Internet. In this case the Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera was a perfect solution as the customer would be able to receive images of her Aunt on a periodic basis on her mobile phone (to check she was up and well) and listen in to what was happening in her Aunt's home as and when required. This solution meant the customer wouldn't have to worry that something would happen to her Aunt without her knowing about it and being able to help (even at a distance). I am sure there are loads of people out there who are equally worried about their relatives and would like a solution too. What do you think?

Alert Pal
Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera
Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera would catch the moment. Multiband Technologies SW