Sunday, 16 September 2012

Multiband Technologies SW sells easy to install but clever...

Multiband Technologies SW sells easy to install but clever, reliable and highly valued GSM and Satellite remote Monitoring and Control  devices for the business and consumer markets. 

The Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera is a GSM Remote based Motion Detection Camera and GSM Alarm Home Security and Office Security System and sends Alarm images by MMS when the Motion sensor is activated by intruders and is an ideal Wireless Alarm system for the home security , office security , garage security, caravan security and wireless alarm. The GSM Remote Power Socket provides GSM Control and is an intelligent remote power and temperature controller useful for monitoring remote locations and switching on/off electrical equipment eg. Remote Reboot of Routers / Servers /Heating or Cooling Systems via a Remote Control Switch. The Video Pal is a miniature spy camcorder and is activated by movement. The SmartIOne is a smart Satelliteaffordable solution that provides lowest cost GPS tracking and reporting services for your stationary and mobile assets.

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