Friday, 7 September 2012

Is Home Security a Total Waste of Money?

A security system can be a total waste of money until the moment an intruder tries breaks into your home and steals your valuables. At that point, that total waste of money security system could have saved you loads of money as well emotional turmoil.
The Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera Security System allows you to protect your home without those costly monthly security and monitoring bills.
Normally the home security system works in two ways. Firstly it acts as a deterrent to the Intruder as he sees the system and the alarm sound tells him it’s time to leave before he is caught. Secondly it informs the Homeowner to react immediately to Save his Possessions and his Family.
Normally a Home Security System involves a very high installation cost and multi-year security bills. However the Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera Security System can easily be installed by yourself and does away with multi-year monthly security bills saving you a Fortune. So you have Peace of Mind without the Huge Cost normally associated with Security Systems. Remember as well that even if you are insured, insurance will never adequately cover the memories involved in Family Heirlooms handed down over many generations.
To ensure you don’t feel anxious about your home while you are out, install an Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera Security System, which includes  a surveillance camera and alarm monitoring by SMS/MMS. With the Alert Pal, you know whether your home is secure or not in real-time. Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera would catch the moment. Multiband Technologies SW
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Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera Home Security System