Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Alert Pal is a wireless alarm device

Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera  is a wireless alarm device that, when a motion is detected (e.g. when an intruder enters a house), sends SMS notification and MMS with photos of the intruder directly to your mobile. The immediate notification about the problem, means that you can immediately react to minimize any losses by calling the Police, your neighbors or the Security Company. There will be an added benefit that the Intruders may be caught on the property and there will be photo evidence for later prosecution.
If you do not have an alarm system in your home, Alert Pal can substitute it and, if motion is detected, then it immediately sends you SMS with the information and MMS with pictures as well as setting off a Wireless Alarm.
The Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera can also supplement existing alarm systems that often cause false alarms and cause unnecessary anxiety. Thanks to Alert Pal you do not have to worry any more about false alarms because if someone actually broke into your home, the device will send you a MMS with a photo. If it was a false alarm, you will NOT get an SMS notification and you can be confident about the safety of your home and your possessions.
Alert Pal does not require internet connection but only a cheap pre-paid SIM card. Its programming and operating are very simple – using SMS and so installation only takes 10 minutes maximum.
Please contact me at simon.weiner@multibandtechnologies.com Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera would catch the moment.  Multiband Technologies.

Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera
Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera