Thursday, 16 August 2012

Keeping your property safe while you are away

Alert Pal Home Security
Alert Pal Home Secuirty
Some thoughts on securing your house while you are on holiday:
• The house should look lived in by someone coming and going on a frequent basis.
• Have a reliable neighbor pick up the post.
• Don’t tell everyone you’ll be away.
• Don’t hide your keys on your property.
• Discourage intruders by using good door and window locks and bars. Consider adding motion sensor lights and motion sensor cameras.
• Cut your grass before you leave.
• Hide valuables.
• Let your neighbours know when you will be away, and if anyone will be in your home while you are away.
• Ask a responsible person to check the house frequently. They should open and close blinds and leave on lights in different parts of the house. Use timers on lights.
• Taking the time to secure things before you go increases the chance you’ll return to everything as you left it.
Alert Pal Home Security is a motion activated GSM Remote Camera Security System and sends images by MMS / SMS when it is activated by intruders. Please contact me at for more information.Multiband Technologies SW