Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Alert Pal beats Wired Security Systems

Alert Pal Home Secuirty
Alert Pal Home Security

Wireless alarm systems such as the Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera are easier and cheaper to install than hard wired equivalents. Wireless alarms make it easier to divide your home into sections allowing you to identify the exact room and type of issue in your home. Wireless alarms also reduce false alarms, which equate to 98% of alarms set off on hard wired home security systems. Added Wireless alarms benefits are no ugly external wiring, zero installation costs and monitoring fees,and a system that can’t be disabled by the intruder. Wouldn’t you prefer to be alerted to an issue by an Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera rather than worry unnecessarily because of a false alarm? Alert Pal GSM Remote Camera would catch the moment.   Multiband Technologies SW